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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Goldspot - "Timebomb" Video

This video is for one of my favorite Goldspot songs and the showstopper when played live. The Who-like guitar riffs ring out over and over signialling the culmination of another great concert. I think the song's theme of being on the, cusp, of a big moment is captured well in the video, but I also found it surprisingly touching.

Timebomb Video

Nacional Records Day at Barracuda

Our new publishing and musical partners over at Nacional Records sent us this heads up:

Barracuda Goes Nacional
Good news for Los Angeles fashion and Latin-alternative music fans - popular Melrose boutique Barracuda is letting Nacional Records (label home to Nortec Collective , Aterciopelados , Mexican Institute of Sound) take over its store on Sunday, April 2nd for ‘Nacional Records Day’. From 12Noon – 6PM, DJ’s will be spinning the label’s artists and offering special CD and clothing giveaways. The event is FREE, so if you’re looking for a good excuse to take a stroll down Melrose, no te lo pierdas!
(Barracuda – 7600 Melrose Ave – Los Angeles)


Also check out two new Nacional artists we publish:

Sara Valenzuela
the Pinker Tones

Friday, March 24, 2006

MC Lars - Download This Video!

If you don't know and love MC Lars and his Post Punk Laptop Rap yet, this song is perhaps the best introduction! It is very catchy, highly verbal, smartly political and culturally relevent -- just like MC Lars. "Download This Song" may be the first step towards the successful endgame when the RIAA no longer sues fans for downloading mp3s . The first Lars song I heard was Hurricane Fresh on a website a few years ago. (The lyric "I ripped one track in .mp3, till Lars Ulrich came after me" provided -- at the time -- the best call out of the RIAA's lame crack-down on Napster. It also started my boycott of Metallica.)

Download this video!

QuickTime Real Video or Windows Media

Disclosure: MC Lars is represented by Nettwerk Management and his new record The Graduate is distributed through Nettwerk Records. Last summer I connected MC Lars with Robert Greenwald and Lars wrote an original song for a documentary called Wal-Mart: The High Cost of a Low Price. Download his brilliant, incisive take on the issue: Wal-Mart Nation.

Ironically, you can buy MC Lars music at Wal-Mart's mp3 store but don't be a jerkoff. Buy it at iTunes or eMusic

RIYL: Bloodhound Gang, Barenaked Ladies or Bowling for Soup.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mates of State - "Fraud in the 80s" video

Mates of State rocked hard at SXSW in Austin and have an incredible new record that has gotten pretty good reviews from Pitchfork and All Music Guide. (Though, AMG, what up with the flawed Beach Boys reference in the last sentence??)

The new Mates of State video has some of the fun quirky qualities of the Jared Hess -directed Postal Service video for We Will Become Silhouettes and is well worth checking out: QuickTime or Windows Media

Listen to the whole album "Bring it Back" by checking out this E-Card Download the "Fraud in the 80s" MP3 .

Click here for more on what would might make Mike Love proud ...

Monday, March 20, 2006

New Band Alert: The Submarines

Los Angeles's own the Submarines are one of my favorite new bands and their debut is finally out digitally. I'm absolutely in love everything about the Subs -- their music, the album art, and the band members (John Dragonetti -- aka Jack Drag -- and Blake Hazard). The Subs have a catchy, crunchy indie rock sound similar to the Postal Service or Stars. The album is good from start to finish and, upon close examination, has thematic threads throughout like a good concept record. The subject matter is the aftermath of a painful break up one that reveals the wonder of a second chance. Simply put this is a great debut record made by two great people absolutely deserving of support. So far KCRW (and Morning Becomes Eclectic!) is playing a bunch of Subs songs as is Indie 103.1 FM. XM's The Loft even named the Submarines album one of the Top 5 of 2005 even though the album isn't even out yet!

Ok so enough hype! Please check out these songs and if you like 'em please buy Declare a New State! Listen with headphones cause these songs are very well produced!

Brighter Discontent
Peace and Hate

Next concert: the Submarines are playing with Jason Collett of Broken Social Scene at Noise Pop in San Francisco at Cafe Du Nord at 9pm on March 31st.

Check out their My Space page. The Submarines are also one of Filter's Artists to Watch

Disclaimer: I work with the band at Nettwerk. But don't trust me...listen to the songs. I hope you love 'em too!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Best Hamburger in Los Angeles Eat Off, Round #1: In-N-Out vs Johnny Rockets

While right now I would vote for The Apple Pan or Pie n Burger as the best, the dominant choice for "Favorite Hamburger in Los Angeles" seems to be In-N-Out. While not a bad choice, the label best has to be reserved for #1, numero ono.

(Think the In-N-Out "secret menu" an urban myth? Loss leaders has uncovered the animal-style truth!!!)

And, speaking of animal style, Blogging.la , reports that Johnny Rockets has what I think is a new Boca Burger sandwich option and -- with sponsorship from PETA for Meatout 2006 no less -- is giving us the chance to try one for free! Ryan over at LosAnjealous coined the wonderful food term “pornographic”. And, if THIS In-N-Out item isn't “pornographic” I don't know what is!

Because Los Angeles needs an official delicious patty vs. delicious patty taste test, I declare the First Annual Best Hamburger in Los Angeles Eat Off open! So go try these two burgers this weekend -- Round 1 is meat vs. SOY and we will eventually crown the "Official Hamburger of Los Angeles." (For no other reason than it sounds fun, right??) What are the essential hamburgers in Los Angeles?? Please post your thoughts, reviews and suggestions here! Help me crown the "Superdongburger"!

To kick off a willful ignorance of Super Size Me's lessons, enjoy this great song (as heard in the film) "Rock N Roll McDonalds" by the late Wesley Willis. (I bought this song via iTunes but a free MP3 is on his label's website. Rock it like a magic kiss.)

Find a Johnny Rockets location or a In-N-Out location near you.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Sound of LA @ Little Temple tonight!

Tonight is the night. Plug Research is celebrating the release of the new 2 volume "The Sound of LA." at Little Temple. Daedelus and DJ Nobody (and many others) will be playing or spinning live. ($5 / 21+ / 10pm)

Download a new DJ Nobody track "All the Golden Fronts" from Vol. 2 which re-imagines the Van Dyke Parks song "All the Golden" from his brilliant album "Song Cycle." The Sound of LA Vol. 1 also includes the first new Dntel song in years (it's very good!). The compliations are great with standout tracks by Cut Chemist, Jermajesty, the Young Jazz Rebels (madlib side project). Buy The Sound of LA Vol. 1 and The Sound of LA Vol. 2 here.


Come celebrate these progressive vinyl offerings with a night of live performances & dj sets by:



the Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd
Silverlake, 90029

The Weepies - perform tonight at Hotel cafe (#1 iTunes in 5 countries!)

Come out to the Hotel Cafe tonight for the record release party for the Weepies album "Say I Am You."

The Weepies are a new band I work with at Nettwerk. Their record is beautiful and when it was released digitally on iTunes over the holidays shot to #1 on iTunes in 5 countries, out-selling Damien Rice and Bob Dylan! Featuring the focus singles "Take It From Me" and "World Spins Madly On". The digital release led to the Weepies topping the charts as iTunes #1s in 5 Countries (even during the holidays!)

The wistful 3rd track, "World Spins Madly On" from the new album, can be heard in the upcoming Jennifer Aniston film, "Friends with Money", which opens the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. The Weepies have previously had tracks in Todd Solondz's Palindromes, and Nicole Holofcener's Lovely and Amazing.

Where: Hotel Cafe, 1623 1/2 Cahuenga Blvd.
When: Tuesday, March 7.
Time: 7pm Sharp!

You can hear music here:

Weepies Album

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Best Original Song: And the Oscar goes to...

As has been widely reported, this is only the SECOND year in Oscar history that only three (3!!) songs have been nominated for "Best Song." That is pathetic because I think there have been enough good songs written specifically for films in 2005 that were good enough to be nominated.

How about the Jarvis Cocker, Jonny Greenwood, Phil Selway, etc. song "Do the Hippogriff" from this year's Harry Potter film ? Or the Danny Elfman songs from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?? The new Oompa Looma songs were seriously great. How about the Chantal Kreviazuk songs from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Something is wrong with the qualification restrictions -- or the Academy if only three songs in all of filmmaking rise to the level of Oscar!

(Disclosure: my colleague Maria played a large role in getting the Dolly Parton song "Travelin' Through" on the "Transamerica" soundtrack which she helped produced and my employer Nettwerk Music Group released.)

If I had a vote...

Hustle and Flow -- "It's Hard Our Here for a Pimp" would win because it was the only song of the 3 nominees that was written for and about the story of the film. I would want to reward the diagetic use of songs because I think a) musicals have suffered a far too premature death and b) this type of use is much more creative overall than hiring a well-known songwriter or singer to write a song for an end title. Amazingly Three 6 Mafia will be the first hip hop group to perform a nominated song at the Oscars.

Hear Terrance Howard sing "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"

Transamerica -- "Travelin' Through" WILL win which will certainly make a big difference to the film and to our soundtrack. I also think that she's a great and under-rated songwriter (she was previously nominated for "9 to 5"). Felicity Huffman's performance is likely and deserving to win. If I was a betting man i would bet on Transamerica to win. Check out our awesome e-card for Transamerica's Soundtrack .

Hear Dolly Parton sing "Travelin' Through"

Crash -- "In The Deep" would be hard for me to vote for. I loved this movie and the music was used very well. I can't vote at all much less for vote for 3 songs to win Oscar. Bird York has been working hard for years and this win would change her life. But sometimes it really is an honor just to be nominated.

Hear Bird York sing "In The Deep"

Other links:

NPR discussion on the dearth of this year's nominees

NPR interview with Terrance Howard on "Hustle and Flow" :

The Oscars? Tonight? Does LA Care ...?

I get pissed off by generalities like this in the Chris Ayers weblog: "most Angelinos care about only one thing: getting into the right parties on Sunday night." WHAT? I disagree chap, I think most Angelinos hate rerouting their lives so blocks and blocks of their fair city are shut down starting 21 days before Oscar night to prevent al-Qaeda from blowing up Tom Cruise or Rachel Weisz. Most Angelinos don't have an Oscar expense account and don't get invited to anything more than a co-worker's Oscar party (um where was my invite this year?? I got the tux out and everything!) Me, I will be working during the Oscars as KCRW's "The Open Road" does not take a pit stop for any award's show.

THAT being said ... the Oscars are the ONLY award ceremony I care about. My first Oscar memory is of the show being on way past my bed time and my mom being very excited when she saw a star she cared about (Dianne Keaton, Fred Astaire, Johnny Carson, etc.). Her reaction to each of the winners (it may have been the Annie Hall Oscars) instilled in me a feeling that the Oscars celebrated some sort of artistic royalty. The Grammys are certifiably bullshit and meaningless (ignoring the Arcade Fire? Death Cab? Oh please...!) and the Emmys, do they even televise the Emmys anymore? The Oscars are LIVE in West Coast have the coolest trophy, the potential for the best speeches: Tom Hanks' or Bob Dylan's

So I'll be watching the Oscars on the TV in my SUV while I drink my haf-caf soy vanilla latte as I talk on the phone with my agent to decide, if arriving late, should I go to the Vanity Fair party first or Sir Elton's ... Damn! It always comes down to the gift bag. And you know Elton doesn't fool around with that! See you there. Ciao!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Petra Sounds "God Only Knows"

Last year Petra Haden's a capella version of "The Who Sell Out" thrilled and delighted my friend Gary who is a huge Who fanatic. Petra's vocal-only reinterpretation of the Who's classic album was a concept-upon-a-concept and it worked brilliantly. I saw her 10 women choir performance at the LA Weekly Awards last year at the Henry Fonda and was blown away. However, I am only a moderate fan of the Who, but ... I would have been as ga-ga as Gary if I first heard what I hope will soon become "Petra Haden Sings: Pet Sounds"

"God Only Knows"

1966's Pet Sounds is deservedly one of the best America rock albums ever and "God Only Knows" is one of its strongest tracks. The original showcases a lead vocal from Carl Wilson and a playful French horn expressing a wistful lover's (slightly obsessive) plea for love and committment. Supposedly it is Paul McCartney's favorite song from the album he dubbed "the classic of the century." Petra's version is tastefully restrained yet packs an emotional whallop at times with the harmoies and tender vocals.

Hear Petra Haden and Mike Watt discuss how the Who idea came to be reality on KCRW's The Open Road.

Check out Petra's website for more music, including a version of Michael Jackson's Thriller

I found that cool Brian Wilson cartoon at "Toothpaste for Dinner which sounds like something Brian would eat.

The Sound of LA, Vol. 1 & 2 (New Dntel, Madlib, DJ Nobody tracks)

Ryan at Plug Research hit me up about the record release happening for their new 2 volume compilation on Tuesday March 7th at Little Temple. Daedelus and DJ Nobody (and many others) will be playing or spinning live.

Download a new DJ Nobody track "All the Golden Fronts" from Vol. 2 which re-imagines the Van Dyke Parks song "All the Golden" from his brilliant album "Song Cycle." The Sound of LA Vol. 1 also includes the first new Dntel song in years (it's very good!). The compliations are great with standout tracks by Cut Chemist, Jermajesty, the Young Jazz Rebels (madlib side project). I just bought them both on iTunes and put them in one playlist that's perfect for today's sunny, 66 degree afternoon. Buy The Sound of LA Vol. 1 and The Sound of LA Vol. 2 here.


Come celebrate these progressive vinyl offerings with a night of live performances & dj sets by:



check the records... http://www.plugresearch.com


$5 / 21+ / 10pm

the Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd
Silverlake, 90029

Madonna at Coachella - confirmed!

This is crazy...

See for yourself: Madonna is confirmed for Coachella 2006.

Madonna at Coachizzy sounds like a perfect way for the organizers to rally a slighty flat-lined interest in the headliners. The indie band component is pretty A+ but I'm not going to get out in the desert for some Tool and Depeche Mode. I've never seen Madonna live in concert before and I think it would be a trip ... however I remember 2 years ago when I couldn't even SEE THE TENT in which Beck played. Think you are going to "see" Madonna? No Way. Unless you miss every other band that day. Putting her in the dance tent is lame. She's way to freaking big of a star ... I predict a riot!

In all seriousness: is Coachella sponsored by VH-1? Who is on the bill next year? Wham and Midnight Oil? Bon Jovi?