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Sunday, May 07, 2006

RIP Grant McLennan

This news just broke at Billboard: Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan has died at 48. All Music Guide called the Go-Betweens "arguably Australia's greatest pop group ever."

AMG also described them thusly:
The Go-Betweens were perhaps the quintessential cult band of the '80s: they came from an exotic locale (Brisbane, Australia), moved to a major recording center (in their case, London) in a sustained bid to make a career out of music, released album after album of music seemingly tailor-made for the radio in spite of their having little use for contemporary Top 40 musical/lyrical formulas, and earned considerable critical praise and a small but fervent international fan base.

Listen to these great Go-Betweens tracks:
Go-Betweens: Streets of Your Town
Go-Betweens: Quiet Heart
Ivy's Go-Betweens cover: Streets of Your Town


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