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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Styrofoam and Ben Gibbard live in Amsterdam

On June 25 Styrofoam opened for Death Cab for Cutie in Amsterdam. Ben Gibbard joined my new friend Arne and his band for the first ever performance of "Couches in the Alley" which is one of my favorite songs. In the past few months, Arne and I have worked together on remixes for the Submarines, Leigh Nash and (possibly) Josh Rouse. (Of course Arne did all the remixing!) He's a great talent as a remixer, producer and musician. One of the undiscovered "new" artists to be sure.

Check out the video from the Styrofoam / Ben Gibbard performance

Buy the new live Styrofoam EP which is really good and moody.

Listen to the original "Couches in the Alley"


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