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Friday, August 04, 2006

Giant Drag + the Submarines = FREE Sunday Concert @ Downtown LA

Little Radio is sponsoring another great Sunday afternoon BBQ downtown featuring Giant Drag and The Submarines ! Also on the bill are The Upside Down, and Restaurant. Little Radio's Summercamp BBQ has food $2 beers and $3 margarita specials. And the most amazing thing is .... the show is FREE. It's FREE!!! Seriously, we'll be anyone's indie rock prices or your concert is FREEEEEEEEEEEE! Come on down, jump in the Little Radio swimming pool and listen to some great music. 1218 LongBeach Ave LA, CA 90021 1:00-7:00pm. There's a rumor that the Subs may debut a super cool cover song this Sunday!!

LAist reviewed the Subs record release show with what I assume is the pinnacle for Rock Criticism:

"Everyone on dates got laid when they got home."

Actually Tony Pierce said more than that ... not only is it not too sweet, it's sorta the sweetest thing ever. The sad songs are sad. They both have a few of those. Only sometimes do they sing together. She looks at him. He looks at the ground. The crowd of youngins sighed and melted and were completely won over by Ms. Blake Hazard who sang beautifully and gently. At times the tunes sounded like adorable gen-x lullabyes." Then: "Everyone on dates got laid when they got home."

Check outLittle Radio for audio of the Submarines and Giant Drag sets!

Website: thesubmarines.com
Myspace: Submarines MySpace

Subs Audio Streams:
Peace and Hate
Brighter Discontent

Oh and did I say that everyone on dates will get laid?


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